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Written and performed by

Math Charlton

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From Album

Phantom Islands

Track Listing

  1. Phantom Island (Espied)
  2. Rupes Nigra
  3. Emerald
  4. Bermeja
  5. Crocker Land
  6. Thule
  7. Phantom Island (Resolved)

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Once upon a time,
Can be stored within a mind,
As the years roll on,
Memories lose their colour,
The component parts,
Slowly skew out of focus,
Until there becomes a doubt that it happened at all,
And I cling to those fragments.

Can you catch a point in time?
Can you keep it whole?
Can you keep its soul?
Can time wear down that portrait?
Can it strip the true?
Can it mislead you?
As I get older I find,
That I doubt my mind.

Deep inside my head,
There's a place seeped in sepia,
On my Dad's shoulders,
At aged four in Blackgang Chine,
But the memory's skewed,
I look back upon myself,
And not out of my own eyes - the eyes of a small child,
In an old, square photograph.

And so, I have the recall of that old photograph,
And not the time nor the place.

All that stowed past time within a head,
Can be true or false,
Can be in-between.

So, I simply cannot trust myself,
When I close my eyes,
Do I see real past?

I doubt my mind.


As part of the Phantom Islands album, this song explores a theme based on the name of an island that once appeared on old maps but has now been proven not to exist.

Thule was an island said to lie to the north of the European mainland in Roman times, but since then, it is uncertain which island it refers to (see this Wikipedia article).

This song explores childhood memories and their accuracy over time.