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Written and performed by

Math Charlton

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From Album

Phantom Islands

Track Listing

  1. Phantom Island (Espied)
  2. Rupes Nigra
  3. Emerald
  4. Bermeja
  5. Crocker Land
  6. Thule
  7. Phantom Island (Resolved)

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Smiles and hellos,
Pats on the back and invites out roundabout,
Numbers exchanged,
Social networking dot-to-dot the links.

Smiles then seldom,
Firewall raised, no pings returned – nothing learned,
Death by silence,
A warm contact goes cool to cold, to freeze.

And I thought it was something real,
But I found out it was never there,
It was never there.
And I thought that thought until,
It was never there,
It was never there at all,
Like Emerald Island.

Smiles then vanished,
Texts not returned and number’s moot and removed,
The deletion,
Of years’ efforts with no recycle bin.

If I had just known,
What problems installed into my life,
I would have pressed clear.

So you made your choice,
A unilateral click to undo,
Those bonds that were linked.

And you turned out virtual,
And I found out you were never there,
You were never there.


As part of the Phantom Islands album, this song explores a theme based on the name of an island that once appeared on old maps but has now been proven not to exist.

Emerald was an island thought to lie to the south of New Zealand but later found not to exist (see this Wikipedia article).

This song explores a friendship that goes sour and, when reflected upon, proved never to have been a friendship in the first place. Despite the track's social media imagery, it reflects events in real-life.

This was the first track for the Phantom Islands album to be written back in 2015.