Rupes Nigra

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Written and performed by

Math Charlton

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From Album

Phantom Islands

Track Listing

  1. Phantom Island (Espied)
  2. Rupes Nigra
  3. Emerald
  4. Bermeja
  5. Crocker Land
  6. Thule
  7. Phantom Island (Resolved)

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Can’t see it, can’t hear it, can’t touch it at all,
Can’t sense the balderdash,
Can’t measure, can’t infer, can’t use logic at all,
Can’t reason claims rehashed,
You’d better have good evidence for this,
You’d better have good evidence for this - you’d better!
Can’t see it, can’t hear it, can’t touch it at all,
You’re not even abashed.

Misogyny as foundation,
The Sun wheels round the Earth,
Some baked bread turns into flesh,
A witch floats.

Sex as fun has no purpose,
Dogs are immutable,
The one truth disputes itself,
A man’s right.

You don’t know how deluded you have always been.

Statues contain deities,
A world honed in one week,
Natural events foreseen become,
New end-times.

Prophets accrue great profits,
Goddess in all but name,
A book that defines morals,
Out of sync.

You don’t know how misguided you have now become.

You don’t know how endangered you soon will become.


As part of the Phantom Islands album, this song explores a theme based on the name of an island that once appeared on old maps but has now been proven not to exist.

Rupes Nigra (in English: 'Black Rock'), was a phantom island made of a magnetic material centred on the North Pole. It explained to those in antiquity why compasses always pointed to a fixed point (see this Wikipedia article).

For me, so many people leap to a quick and irrational explanation for things when we seemingly have no answers. As such, this title was an obvious choice for an attack on organised religion and blind faith which, unfortunately, is still too prevalent in the 21st century.

The track was released to the web on the 27 December 2016, ahead of the Phantom Islands album.