Sleepy Head

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Written and performed by

Math Charlton

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Track Listing

  1. Fickle
  2. She Knows She Looks Good
  3. Sweet Apathy
  4. Burgundy
  5. Me and My Big Mouth
  6. Sleepy Head
  7. Paramour
  8. Infatuation
  9. Cheers Big Ears

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There was an angel lying next to me,
Her breath ebbing into the night air,
A face as statuesque as porcelain,
Enshrouded by soothing webs of hair,
I could seldom find slumber with that princess lying there.

The light from the moon swallowed by cloud,
Restored blackness into the still hours,
But life exuded into the darkness,
With the soft fragrance of wild flowers,
And the belief and rapture to me that it empowered.

No matter if the world would push me down,
I had you and you alone to give me:
Solace in a sunset,
From dusk to dawn your embrace kept me warm,
Motion in a moonrise,
In the softest slumber a friend was borne,
Succour neath a silk sheet,
You hugged me tightly till the birth of morning.

The dawn chorus began its opus then,
Heralding the soft prelude to dawn,
In rhythm to the percussion of rain,
The sound of a pervaded cloud torn,
All the clamour of an embryonic day being born.

It was just before the sun had woken,
That you opened your tired brown eyes,
And you held my gaze and released a smile,
Piercing the last remnants of night,
My heart cadenced, my eyes oceaned and my throat became tight.

No one had ever lanced my concealed heart,
Except you who I now have to grant me:
Solace in a sunset,
From dusk to dawn there is you by my side,
Motion in a moonrise,
Only you can pierce my stubborn pride,
Succour neath a silk sheet,
I am drowning sweetly within your tidings.

I never want to get up out of bed,
So just lie back and rest your sleepy head.