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Date: 31 Oct 2018

I think we can say that the house move is officially finished and that we're settled into the new home. A case in point is that the classical guitar has been placed on its stand in the bedroom and rehearsals on it have begun.

Unlike previous albums, the material has been scored. This means that I'm learning the music note-for-note from the paper rather than arranging the guitar around a demo or theme. And it's much more complex than I originally envisioned.

Since I'm dividing the next album into two distinct parts, there are only two songs to learn on the classical guitar, with an aim to record these by the end of November. Once done, the instrument will be put away and the electric guitar will occupy the bedroom space for the next spate of rehearsals.

Suffice to say, an end of 2019 release is definitely back on the cards!

Until next time - Math

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