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Date: 20 Apr 2018

As mentioned in February's blog, the next album project is We Cirri. But there's a problem. With 18 tracks and a runtime just shy of two hours, it's probably far too much material to dump on the unsuspecting public in one go (although I suspect the public will continue to be unsuspecting long after said dump).

I plan to have the entire album with its full running order on this website when it's recorded. But - for a digital public release - what is the solution to this problem of a 'bloated' We Cirri? Well, I have two options.

The first solution lies in the order of the tracks and when they were written. In the 1990s, the obvious way to get material out was either by cassette or CD. We Cirri was designed very much to enable the story arc to cover two CDs or a 120-minute tape. Indeed the end of track 9 and the beginning of track 10 (the end of CD1 and the beginning of CD2 respectively) contain the same music to enable a link between the two halves. So the answer here would be to release two albums of about one hour - both being parts of the overall We Cirri story. This, at least, would best reflect the original intentions of my twenty-something self.

The second solution is more radical. This involves cherry-picking the best 50-70 minutes of material whilst still maintaining the story continuity. This would be released it as a We Cirri Lite. Returning to some of the songs I wrote in the 1990s, there are certainly some weaker links. And choosing the stronger tracks would make for a higher-quality listen. But this would also compromise my decision when revisiting the material to not change the concept, story, score and lyrics created by my younger (and more naive) self.

Decisions, decisions... Math

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