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Date: 27 Mar 2018

Over the last month, I've spent a little bit of time tidying up and improving the code that drives this site. As such, no music milestones have been achieved and, perhaps, this descent into the geek has been as much about procrastination as about web efficiency. You will notice very little difference navigating the site but the changes were very much required.

The first main difference is a song can now appear on more than one album. This has allowed me to create a new entry for the Loss - Parity - Gain album to cover its 2017 Digital Re-Issue as a separate listing. This allows the bonus tracks to appear as album tracks for the first time. The change also allows for the concept of compilation albums or future EPs to be re-issued as a single album.

Another difference is that I've personalised web visiting data across the site. Before this, I'd relied on the web provider's stats (which were pretty poor). This should give me some decent feedback about which pages are browsed, when they are browsed, and how often they're browsed.

To be honest, the main driver behind the coding improvement was the fact that the site was created in late 2015, with my nascent web programming skills. A revisit was a bit jarring to be honest and I just felt that I needed to get back into the code and improve it.

So now I have completed my 2018 improvements to both code and the database, I no longer have the excuse to avoid picking up the guitar and start rehearsals for the next album...

So until next time - Math