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Date: 28 Feb 2018

As mentioned in last year's article about the concept album We Cirri, it was time to look seriously at completing this next album project. As a reminder, this prog-heavy album contains a story arc covering eighteen songs and should clock in at about an hour and forty minutes. The songs were penned between 1991 and 1999 and, before the days of ready access to decent recording equipment, all the tracks were arranged and scored on paper to be recorded at a later date.

After the Loss - Parity - Gain album was completed, the keyboards and drum kit were programmed into an earlier version of Cubase. In 2009, the bass guitar was recorded across all the relevant tracks.

However, I went into a musical hiatus over the next few years until late 2016, when I picked up my instruments, penned some new songs and created Phantom Islands. After the Let It Snow EP followed in relatively quick succession, I ported all the previous We Cirri work into the current version of Cubase late last year.

I can now report that all the bass guitar plus keyboard and drum programming has been fully remixed. As such, all the tracks are now ready for the recording of various guitars and vocals. Due to the complexity of some of the material, I envisage significant rehearsal time. In that last article I stated that I hoped for a late-2018 release - this is highly improbable. So, my revised estimate is completion in late-2019/early-2020.

However, I would hope that some material - even in 'demo' form - will arrive on this site this year.


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