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Date: 30 Jan 2018

2017. Well that was a busy and productive year for my music.

It began with the final touches and completion of the Phantom Islands back in January. It was not only released as a limited copy CD, and free-to-listen on this site, it was released as a digital product across a number of platforms (including Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and other websites).

The usual tradition on completion of a new album is to do absolutely nothing for a year or two. However, 2017 was different. As the year progressed, Loss - Parity - Gain was remastered and coupled with two bonus tracks from the session for a further digital release in the summer.

I then found the time to rip my friend John Copestake's CD, compile his lyrics and publish his Primary Colours album on this site.

As the autumn rolled on, I began work on my festive-themed Let It Snow EP, which was completed and released by early December. For the first time, the release was exclusively digital, although it became free-to-listen on this site by the end of the year. I even managed to create my first music video.

But, although we were in the last month of the year, I still hadn't finished my musical work. As you'll find out in more detail in my next blog, I revisited and reassessed the work completed thus far on the next album We Cirri - the prog rock epic that I wrote and scored in the 1990s.

I doubt 2018 will be quite as productive but it certainly won't be a quiet one either. So, until next time, I hope you've had a great start to the year.


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