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Date: 24 May 2017

This is the second in an occasional series where I highlight five music acts that have inspired me within a five year period. They don't necessarily have to have been active in that space of time, it's more that I discovered them during those five years.

The last article covered 2011 - 2016, so this goes a further five years back to 2006.

So, here are five of those new artists that I found and enjoyed during that time.

Field Music

This outfit headed by two brothers from Sunderland play tightly arranged and surprisingly experimental pop music. The video for In Context is pretty much completed in one-shot, with the ultimate finished product mirroring the complexity of this fine band.

The Milk and Honey Band

Like many bands this is, in fact, the front-piece of one man. Robert White surrounds himself with great musicians and crafts great songs. This track, Maryfaith Autumn, is simply sumptuous and reflects the English rural autumn like no other.

Everything Everything

Like spikey, intelligent pop? Look no further than this excellent band from Manchester. They're getting better with every album (their 2015 album Get to Heaven was a masterpiece). MY KZ, UR BF is the opener to their first album Man Alive.


I love this fusion of electronica, pastoral and indie music. If it's possible to rip some rock'n'roll into the East Sussex countryside, this Brighton duo do it with a blend of superb songwriting and samples of old English poets. High Down is the opener to their first album 1 Inch: ½ Mile.

P J Harvey

How late was I discovering this great artist? In fact, I almost bought one of her early albums when I was at university in the early 90s but couldn't justify the expense (CDs were £15 in those days). I finally bought White Chalk in 2006. This is a live performance of one of my favourite songs of hers Horses in my Dreams.

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