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Date: 27 Dec 2016

'So here's hoping to new material on this site next month', I said in November and - by Jove - I've just made it in time.

Rupes Nigra is the first release from the upcoming Phantom Islands album. I was hoping to complete the whole caboodle by the end of this year but I'm not happy with the current state of some songs which require more work. As such, I've decided to start publishing the finished stuff here over the next few months. So the first track is available below. Oh - as is the album artwork pictured to the left.

The musical style for Rupes Nigra is a return to the 'indie rock' of Fickle and Bubblewrap. However, this is not necessarily a reflection on the rest of the forthcoming album. There are certainly more accessible numbers along with complex tracks about the eponymous theme. For more explanation on what a phantom island is, see this article on Wikipedia.

At the moment, I feel that three out of the planned seven tracks are ready. Two more require a little 'tweaking' whilst a further two need significant work. A release date of February 2017 is still a firm possibility though - watch this space.

So, it appears that over ten years will pass since the last album, Loss - Parity - Gain was finished in December 2006 with no new album. I am extremely optimistic it will not be another ten years before this next one.

Have a happy and fruitful 2017 and I look forward to sharing Phantom Islands with you next year.

Math x

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