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Date: 31 Aug 2016

At last - the programming of demo beeps and beats have been completed for the upcoming Phantom Islands album. Now it's time for analogue wires to be plugged into digital orifices and to capture the live instrumentation.

First up, throughout August, I've been recording the bass guitar - my first and main musical instrument. The slightly wonky finger has not affected the laying down of lower register notes. In fact it's like revisiting an old friend, since I still use the bass guitar I bought back in 1989. It still has that warm tone I fell in love with. And, despite not playing it since 2009, I've quickly adapted to fretting the old faithful once again.

For those of technical persuasion, I've plugged the bass straight into a Lexicon Alpha USB Audio Interface. This in turn was wired into the laptop which runs Cubase 8. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it played back and realise that it will need no digital effects (although a few tweaks of the volume wil be required).

So, the first part of the audio recording is close to completion. Next up, throughout September, the electric guitar will be dusted down and recorded. Due to the multiple parts that this instrument will be involved in, I estimate a six week recording time for this. In the meantime, the classical guitar and my Nan's mandolin (a future band name perhaps?) will be given a good damn clean and both restrung.

So until next time, enjoy the late summer sun and I hope to report back with more recording news soon.


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