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Date: 22 Jul 2016

Further to last month's post about injuring my finger, I can happily confirm that the splint was removed earlier this week and it appears I can play the guitar again. My finger is still sore and swollen. It also appears to be permanently (but albeit slightly) bent at the top knuckle. However, this doesn't affect playing arpeggios on the classical guitar so - for all intents and purposes - guitar rehearsals for the upcoming Phantom Islands album can now go ahead.

The current problem is when to start the actual rehearsals. The children are now out of school and there are some holidays fast approaching. The whole incident has somewhat scuppered my strategy to begin practising the classical guitar components from the beginning of June.

The current plan is to restring the bass guitar and record it throughout August. I can then rehearse the more complex guitar parts whilst the bass tracks are being completed. This does mean that Phantom Islands is unlikely to be completed this year.

Hey-ho. The most important thing is that I can play again and it appears a permanent debilitating finger injury has been avoided.

That's me for now. I hope you have a wonderful - and digit-injury-free - summer.


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