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Date: 25 May 2016

This is the first in an occasional series where I highlight five music acts that have inspired me within a five year period. They don't necessarily have to have been active in that space of time, it's more that I discovered them during those five years.

I thought I'd start with the most recent period - that is, the last five years back to 2011. And here are some of those new artists that have popped up on my radar during that time and left an indelible impression in my head.

Three Trapped Tigers

This London three-piece defy any attempt to pigeon-hole into a recognisable genre. My guess would be electronic experimental post-rock instrumentalists. And I'm often wrong with genre guesses. They are a very tight outfit - and I'm talking musically - as can be seen from their live performance of Cramm below.

Dutch Uncles

These guys produce good pop songs whilst buggering about with time signatures and subtle guitar noodling. Which all goes to show that you can write good tunes and experiment at the same time - as their Pythonesque video for Nomento demonstrates.

North Atlantic Oscillation

Hailing from Scotland, this band mix hard guitars and drumming with significant electronica. Their vocals seem to shiver on the edge of the mix to lend an ethereal quality, which is enhanced when you realise you're not sure what they're singing about. Watching their video to Drawing Maps from Memory below, I can't imagine it's anything nice...

Syd Arthur

Ah Canterbury! The winding medieval town and the cathedral spires. And the spiky, psychedelic twinge of Syd Arthur swirling between 2010 and somewhere in the late 1960s. Autograph details their pop sensibility. And Kate Bush's nephew is in the band too, which can't be a bad thing.

My Autumn Empire

Not a band but an English guy's solo side project. His haunting music incorporates indie, pop and folk, all recorded at his home. As such, he's an inspiration for me in demonstrating what can be achieved in your own lounge with a bunch of instruments and a laptop. That might be his enraged next door neighbour leading him into the woods in Every Now and Then I Fall Apart then.

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