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Date: 15 Apr 2016

It's time to flesh out some details about the next album. It's called Phantom Islands and is set for a release before Easter 2017, although if rehearsals and recording go smoothly, there's a chance it could be finished by the end of this year.

Late last year, I decided to record a new album and to keep the material fresh by not using any of my pre-existing songs. I was looking for a loose theme to base the new material around and I decided to plump for phantom islands.

No - phantom islands are not those visited by Scooby Doo and his companions. They are islands that appear on historical maps but are no longer found at the locations they purported to be. Why did they disappear? The reasons are varied and include conjectured lands, navigational errors, calamitous geological events, ephemeral phenomena mistaken for land or pure fraudulence. I decided to use the varied reasons they disappeared off the world map as a metaphor for real life (such as people's poor conjectures about the world, mistaken assumptions, friendship loss and dishonesty).

I've now completed a good two-thirds of the material in demo format. Below is the current track listing (a [*] indicates that the demo for this track has not yet been completed).

  1. Phantom Island (Espied)
  2. Rupes Nigra
  3. Emerald
  4. Bermeja [*]
  5. Crockerland
  6. Thule
  7. Phantom Island (Resolved) [*]

As tracks are rehearsed, recorded and assembled, I will keep you informed of progress. I will also endeavour to post a medley of selected songs by this autumn.

In the meantime, this month's selected track is another about a geographical location - albeit, a very real one.


This month's featured song