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Date: 9 Mar 2016

How times change! I have managed to locate and upload the twelve blogs from the 2008 - 2009 version of Plexigon and they make interesting reading.

From the reformation of Friends of Brutal Architecture and plans to play a new set of gigs to the abandonment of rehearsals and recording of the EPonymous EP (see 'Featured Song' below). From the blueprints of a new studio album and antics of a five-piece Usfun to the multiple breakdown of technology and the slow approach of a hiatus of unknown length. These twelve blogs arc a course through the resumption of musical endeavour to the beginning of the author's family life and, ultimately, the uncertainty of future musical involvement.

Seven years on, and it's easy to see how plans were hatched and dashed in such a short period of time. The twelve blogs provide an interesting snapshot into my musical world when certainty was in relatively short supply.

Since then, Andy's move to Orkney, Paul's young family and my own commitments render a FoBA reunion virtually unattainable. Usfun has become a somewhat slumbering beast after an amusing but messy session in 2015. And technology continues to annoy in alarmingly unpredictable ways (see last month's post).

That said though, new projects continue to move along. The new album project has four songs composed and recorded in rough demo format - far beyond the progress of the album project reported in 2008, where no songs had been recorded. And, due to the dynamic nature of this site's underlying engine, the Plexigon web presence is easier to maintain and update than its predecessor.

Time ultimately will tell. And it would be good to review this site's early promises with concrete musical goodies in the coming few years.

So, until next 'time'.


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