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Date: 1 Jan 2009

A belated Happy New Year to you all. I'd like to say that I have been busy in the studio creating sonic masterpieces but the truth is that I've simply been suffering from post-festive lethargy. Still, I've managed to get my arse in gear and update this site once again.

Usfun were back recording improvised nonsense as a five-piece on 20 December 2008. A new gallery of images has been uploaded from their session at Casemates Studios in Hilsea. The songs from the session will appear on the Usfun website when it has been completed (which has been my mantra for the last year).

Meanwhile, I have started producing synth demos of We Cirri this month on Cubase LE. We Cirri is an 18-song 'story album' I created in the 1990s by scoring for a five-piece rock band. Most of these songs never made it from page to demo, so it gives me the opportunity to listen to my own handiwork for the first time. Once these demos have been completed, I will add real vocals, guitar and bass to them and release it as a proper album. The current completion date is 2011 so don't hold your breath, although I will endeavour to upload samples to this site in the meantime.

The Plexigon website celebrates its first birthday this month having attracted over 2000 visitors in the last twelve months. Considering a previous incarnation of the site managed 600 visitors over three years, this can be seen as a decent leap forward.

Finally, the next twelve months may be a tad quieter musically due to the arrival of our first born later this month. As such, expect future posts to be somewhat erratic for a while. I will continue to do my best to update the site but - er - dirty nappies come first!

I'll catch up with you at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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