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Date: 1 Dec 2008

Things usually pass cyclically. Take Friends of Brutal Architecture for example. The year started with little or no activity for the band, before a concerted effort saw the completion of EPonymous and the start of a new set of rehearsals.

After twelve months, things have almost gone full circle. The band have decided to ditch rehearsals in favour of recording a second batch of songs before a second 'career break'. To this end, most of the material has been recorded with only the vocals to capture. The band should be busy this month with mixing duties.

Meanwhile, I have been tinkering with my new purchase - the Lexicon audio interface. I recorded New Star (Rough Demo) to check that it was working okay. The words 'rough demo' are particularly apt in this case - this was not an exercise in precision but more a dabble into the new hardware and in using Cubase LE. In any case, it gave me the option to record a demo that would otherwise be rather difficult in one take (check out the time signature juggling in the bridge). Why do I persist in being muscially awkward?

Usfun were also active in November, recording another suite of musical lunacy and discordance. Paul Smith has kindly designed a website for us which we will populate with past Usfun material during December. We should have a link on this site by the New Year.

At which point, it is fitting to wish you all a Happy New Year and a pleasant festive period. I'll see you again after the Yuletide waistlines have expanded once more...