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Date: 1 Nov 2008

I bought a new PC last year since my old one had become redudnant in so many ways. One of the main reasons that this new computer needed to be pretty good (in terms of memory and processing speed) was to ensure it could handle decent music hardware and software for my next album and all future recording needs.

A year has passed and I've finally invested in some new hardware: the Lexicon Alpha Stereo USB Audio Interface (pictured). This device provides an interface to record external audio (such as vocal and guitars) onto whatever music software is on the machine. One of the benefits of this purchase is that it comes with 'Cubase LE' - the level-entry recording production suite from Steinberg - which can be updated to it's big brother, 'Cubase 4', at a later date.

In short - I now have the ability to record, mix and produce new music again after a one year gap

It's first job will be to record some of the audio for the upcoming Friends of Brutal Architecture album. In October, work began on this with the recording of the drum kit and distorted electric guitar at Casemates Rehearsal Rooms in Hilsea. Keyboards and some clean guitar were recorded later using James Newcombe's recording equipment in Netley. With my new acquisition, I will be able to complete the guitar parts and add vocals to the current mix by the end of November.

Whilst all recording and some mixing is expected to be completed by the end of the year, we are aiming for a release early in 2009. As usual, watch this space for developments. (If I have the time, I might even record a new song myself for inclusion on this site very soon.)

With all this music production underway, it's not surprising to note that FoBA will play their last rehearsal this year on 6 November, allowing the band to concentrate solely on the album.

Enjoy the rest of the month and I'll be back for the festive edition in December.