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Date: 1 Oct 2008

Some of you may have noticed that there was no September edition of this website. Why? Time for a rant…

Basically, I was without an internet connection due to the machinations of Tiscali. This inept company had already promised (and failed to deliver) a telephone package ordered in November 2007. When the phone was finally transferred to them they abruptly stopped our broadband. You may ask ‘why?’ but such a question begs a rational and logical answer. Tiscali are, in two words, moronically inept. If you’re thinking of transferring to them I would heartily recommend that you reconsider.

Okay – rant over and time for some news. From January 2009, I will be on something of a musical ‘career break’ due to the impending birth of our first child (in fact my wife is doing all the hard work on that aspect at the moment). As you can imagine, new editions of the website will not appear as often next year (although I won’t be using an inefficient ISP as an excuse). It affects some of my other projects...

Friends of Brutal Architecture will be going on a ‘career break’ also and, as such, we decided not to play any live gigs at the end of the year and concentrate instead on recording a full-length album. This will include remixes of the tracks on our first EP EPonymous as well as four new tracks. Recording is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Usfun are planning a further five-piece session in December before my electric guitar gathers dust during 2009.

As far as my own music is concerned, I am planning to purchase an acoustic guitar and keep ideas evolving for the next project. If I have the time, I will attempt to upload demos to the site as and when they happen.

That’s me done for now. See you next month (cyber-fingers crossed).

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