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Date: 1 Aug 2008

Looking through a collection of unused and dusty CDs last month, I came across recordings of two different gigs at two different times. I thought both recordings were lost but they have now been captured for posterity as MP3s.

The first recording contains a gig performed in 1996 at the now demolished Horseshoe in Southsea by Prime and includes a mixture of covers and original material. A rare live outing for Rapunzel from the Fugue proto-album is this month's featured song.

A further recording from the same location in 2003 is by Mareva Injunction. Again, this contains covers and some original material. All For You from the 2001 Bubblewrap album is included on this site also.

I'll endeavour to include further live material over the next few months on this site including performances by my current band FoBA.

On a different subject, the site clocked up 1000 visitors in July (at only seven months of age). This was quite a milestone for me considering that a previous incarnation of Plexigon managed only 600 visitors in 3 years!

That's all from me for now. Enjoy August and I'll catch you soon.

This month's featured song