Old Plexigon: Five Go Mad in Hilsea

Date: 1 Jul 2008

Usfun made a madcap return on 14 June 2008 with a three-hour session at the Casemates rehearsal rooms in Hilsea. The dinlo duo transformed into a fatuous five-piece for the occasion. The personnel included Andy Turton, Paul Smith, James Newcombe, Rob Charlton and Math Charlton.

Amongst the improvised tracks were such wonderful titles as Bosh The Magic Plastering Partridge, Bejesus! It’s the Perfectly Flagellating Ecumencial Nuns, Somebody Has Filled My Wellies with Custard and The Trivial and Shit Pilchards' Goat Cheese. These tracks will make it onto the internet at some point on the planned Usfun website.

On more serious matters, Friends of Brutal Architecture (FoBA) continue their time in the rehearsal rooms with guest musician James Newcombe on keyboards. If this experiment as a four-piece goes well then James may join the band on a permanent basis later in the year. FoBA are in the process of writing two new tracks also.

That's the news for now - have a good July.