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Date: 1 Jun 2008

It has been two and a half years since the last Friends of Brutal Architecture gig (on 1 December 2005). Since then the band have been on a career break which ended earlier this year as they gathered together to complete their new recording - EPonymous. All four songs are available on this site to listen to.

In addition to this milestone in the band's development, FoBA have returned to the studio to shake the cobwebs from their instruments (including their dust-encased brains) and rehearse their back catalogue. Gigs are planned to commence in the Autumn of this year.

There is a new picture gallery also on this site containing the latest band photos showing FoBA at work (or, more precisely, lazing around).

Furthermore, the band have started dabbling with some new tunes so expect a few fresh songs should you catch them live later this year. As always, any upcoming gig news will appear here.

Enjoy the EP. Feel free to e-mail us (NB: email no longer active) with any comments regarding it.

Until next month's edition, have a good and hot solstice!

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