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Date: 1 May 2008

Even though I can't quote an exact start date, I can announce that the sixth album project is under way with over half of the material written. The new album (currently called Muse) is planned to be acoustic only and, unlike its forerunners, will contain guest musicians.

Sequenced keyboards and drum kits are banned and replaced by the real thing. I will be able to handle the simpler keyboard and percussion work with support from James Newcombe (keyboards) and Paul Smith (from Friends of Brutal Architecture) on drum kit for the more fiddly bits. I'm looking also to recruit some other musicians to cover woodwind instruments (such as saxophone and flute). All in all, this looks to be a complex project so don't expect to see the fruits of my labour for a year or so at the least.

There are a number of acoustic instrumentals on the album, one of which Misty now appears on this site in its original 1991 demo form. This may give you an idea of where I'm going with the new material. Expect samples from the new album to appear on this site once recording begins later this year.

Meanwhile, Friends of Brutal Architecture have completed three out of the four tracks for the new EP with the fourth nearing completion. The new tracks will appear on this site next month (barring any last minute disasters). The band starts rehearsals in the middle of the month so if you live in the Hilsea area of Portsmouth then sound defenders are a must.

That's me done for now - have a good month!