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Date: 1 Apr 2008

Despite being trapped in nocturnal telephone boxes, Friends of Brutal Architecture (FoBA) have finally pulled our collective fingers out and officially ended our two year ‘career break’. In March we met twice on official business as we edged closer to completing our first EP. The aim is to finish this by the end of April – once the EP is available the tracks will appear on this website.

Rehearsals will start in May and – by God – we need them because I think we’d all agree that we’re rather rusty. (Some would say we’ve always been rusty.) Gigs will probably follow in Autumn with some new material added.

We’ve even found the time to start blogging. You can view our musings on the FoBA website (NB: inactive as of 2016).

As far as this site is concerned, I’ve added another song: the wonderfully stupid Let’s Get Fucked in the Rain. It was written on The Stourport Ring canal system under drizzle and the influence of a number of substances back in 2001 and updated for a CD compilation in 2002.

The word ‘fucked’ appears in the song 28 times so if you’re of a fragile disposition don’t listen to it. Mind you, I’ve mentioned the word ‘fucked’ twice now (doh - I mean thrice) so those of a fragile disposition may be at breaking point already.

That's enough from potty-mouth for now. I'll see you in May when I promise to be expletive-free.

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