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Date: 1 Mar 2008

All these pages dedicated to my music and, so far this year, I haven't played any. So with this thought in mind, the Loss - Parity - Gain hiatus (i.e. my usual 'career break' after an album) came to an end. The guitar was dusted down. The amp was fired up. The strings were strummed. And - God - am I rusty...

Actually, there is an ulterior motive to this return to guitar practices. Paul Smith, Andy Turton and I are meeting this month to discuss recommencement of the band Friends of Brutal Architecture. The aim at the moment is to complete our first EP and the return to the rehearsal studios. Hence, my fretting fingers need to be a hell of a lot more supple than they are now.

So expect more Friends of Brutal Architecture news over the next few months as we attempt to remember the songs we wrote three years ago...

Also, I am considering performing a one-off gig of my own material at The Milton Arms at some point either later this year or early in the next. The reason? It will be the twentieth anniversary of my first written song in October. Yes, the song was pretty awful. No - I will not put a copy of it on this site.

Due to time constraints and the fact that my PC speakers packed up, I haven't had the opportunity to put any new song samples or picture galleries on Plexigon this month. I will endeavour to remedy this for April.

See you then.

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