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Date: 1 Feb 2008

Well, Plexigon has been up and running for a month. Doesn't the New Year fly by...

There were some initial teething problems with the website on upload. It was designed in Internet Explorer 7 and appears in that browser with no problems. The site appeared okay in Firefox also but there were issues with playing most of the samples. My good friend Mark (who is the author of Neonbubble) kindly provided a fix. This issue is now resolved.

I had the misfortune to view the site on Internet Explorer 6 at work and it looks ghastly. This is the browser's fault not mine, so if Plexigon looks crap on your PC I suggest you upgrade your browser to IE7 or Firefox and save yourself a lot of future-browsing hassle!

OK - Rant over. This edition sees the addition of two new songs to the collaborations music page, both of which were written with a forerunner of the band Prime. The demos of Sentiments and Girl in the Mirror/Seven Years were written and recorded in a 48-hour period in the summer of 1993 and are heavily dripping with prog rock influences (as an example, the former is a seven-minute instrumental). I'm not sure how these tracks would have gone down live had we played them in a pub in the mid-90s...

In addition to this, Usfun have been busy on the internet this month also. They have a site on YouTube (now discontinued as of 2016) containing some whacky videos and general stupidity gleaned from over 10 years' worth of material.

That's it for now - see you in March.

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