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1 Feb 2008;
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Date: 1 Jan 2008

After overcoming my lethargic attitude to updating my own website, I've decided to redesign it with the promise of monthly updates to come.

The previous versions of this site were becoming stagnant, especially after the completion of Loss - Parity - Gain at the end of 2006 and the musical hiatus that ensued in 2007. As a result of this, I've decided to provide more ongoing interest to visitors by producing a new edition of this site with a featured song and picture along with a news update (or ranting blog) on a monthly basis.

This is the third version of the site that I have undertaken. Hopefully, this incarnation will be easier to use and won't include the dreaded 'frames' which can cock up the look of the site depending on which browser you use.

For the first time, all songs from all albums appear in their entirety. This is in addition to a number of miscellaneous and Math-related songs appearing making a total of over 60 full songs under the music section.

I hope you enjoy the new look website. Please feel free to contact me (NB: an email address was included here which no longer exists) with any comments you might have.

I'll catch you again in February!

This month's featured song