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Date: 16 Feb 2016

This site (well - its previous incarnations) certainly has form. As you can see from the title, this is the third time that bloody technology has come to frustrate me in my dealings with web development and songwriting. But more about previous calamaties later.

For now, suffice it to say that my five year old laptop finally gave up the ghost. This venerable computer was the main hub for Cubase and all things music. It was also the main development platform for this site. So I was a little miffed when it simply failed to boot up. Luckily, my musical and webby files were 'in the cloud' but it was frustrating to be unable to do anything creative due to a lack of software.

After a friend looked at my laptop and declared it useless, I bought myself a nice new HP Pavilion at the high-end specification scale. And that's where this month's update comes from. As you can see below, I've added a new 'featured song of the month' entry to highlight a particular song from the archives.

Those attentive amongst you may be wondering where the Part 3 of the title comes from. Well, this site's predecessor contained two blogs devoted to various technological cock-ups beyond the author's control that affected both the website and the music. In fact, it's my intention to publish all the previous blogs on this site in the coming months, so you can read about these older calamities at your leisure.

However, for the here and present, it's time to log off. Until next time.


This month's featured song