A Bunch of Lives

Date: 4 Dec 2015

This month I've collated a number of band performances to include on the site. This involves eight songs from three bands over eight years. All were recorded either directly to cassette tape or minidisc so are not directly mixed - the sound heard is purely ambient and sometimes the audience were between the band and the recording device.

The first and largest batch come from the penultimate Prime gig, played in January 1996 at Doc's in Southsea. The first three songs (Spiralling Down, Sanctum and Force of Habit) were played as a trio by Rob, Paul and me. James then joined the band for renditions of Awakening and Rapunzel.

The next two songs were performed by Mareva Injunction, again at Doc's in Southsea in June 2003. These involve my effort Cheers Big Ears and one of Simon's called Before. The performances were underpinned by drum programming although Andy provided a driving bass section for both.

A different venue hosted the final offering. The One was played by FoBA at the Milton Arms in December 2005 during their last gig together.

I hope you enjoy this initial batch of recordings making their debut on this site. I'll see you back here in the New Year and, in the meantime, I hope you have a great festive season.