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Date: 7 Nov 2015

Welcome to the first blog proper on the new Plexigon website.

In this site, I hope to provide some background to myself and artists I've collaborated with, share some music and images and keep you up to date with my musical world.

The Plexigon web presence has been in hiatus since 2009 when the previous incarnation became difficult to manage due to my limited web development skills at the time. This new site is database-driven, making it easier to maintain (and reflecting the author's improved 'geek' skillset).

I'm hoping to publish the old blogs from the previous website on here at some point in the future, although three previous blogs from a transient use of Blogspot as 'A Fretful Venture' are already here from 2012, featuring me and a classical guitar.

I hope you enjoy the new site and I hope it gives me the much-needed kick up the bum to get some new music underway soon.