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Date: 29 Jun 2012

(Originally from 'A Fretful Venture' blogspot.)

I’ve had a lazy month and I am afraid to report that my classical guitar wallowed in the cupboard under the stairs, unused and abandoned, for three weeks.

The reason? Probably the Euro2012 football championships. That and the relief that I finally recorded an acceptable version of The Rising Sun in late May after a plethora of abandoned attempts.

Aster by Moonlight is a much simpler piece I wrote in 1992, which contains pockets of silence in keeping with music written about a perennial herbaceous plant in a nocturnal setting. I’m not sure why I chose this particular title and whether the title or the music came first. However, the source of the reasoning behind the floral choice comes from a weighty tome named Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain (Reader’s Digest Association, 1973) in which the aster (or Michaelmas Daisy – Aster amellus) is described as symbolising afterthought (p. 58).

There is certainly a whimsical melancholy to this song and an afterthought probably written about some unrequited love from my youth.

The whimsical melancholy is apt at the moment as I stare out the window at another cloud-ridden, breezy June day and muse on what the sun once looked like...