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Date: 27 May 2012

(Originally from 'A Fretful Venture' blogspot.)

It is apt that I record my second piece at the end of another glorious May day. Not quite a rising sun as a setting one, but at least our local star is now visible after months of cloud cover and rain.

The Rising Sun was written when I first purchased a classical guitar in 1994 (and not 1993 as mentioned in the video). The instrument was a humble, cheap product from Argos costing £30. Yet it inspired me to write a combined melody and bass line on the guitar for the first time.

The first run of the melody on the high E string was replicated twice in the original but I decided to embellish it on the second run for this version to push my boundaries a little. In fact, I pushed my boundaries so far that there are a few notes that aren’t quite as clear as I’d like; but it’s a little trickier to play than it looks. The video below is probably something like ‘Take 30’ over three days of trying – hence, the ongoing requirement for beery sustenance as illustrated at the start.

I’ve also decided to record The Rising Sun in high definition using my brand-spanking-new HTC One X. The only problem is setting up a thin smartphone on its side for recording, hence cutting off the very top of my head! I’ll try and resolve this framing for next month’s offering.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this piece and here’s to many more rising suns not obscured by cloud before my next blog in June.