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John's first guitar was bought for him by his Dad at the age of 14. It took him a long time to get a chord out of it but he persevered and eventually strummed a C - he was hooked, he was self taught and he continued on that track.

During his time as a student at Bournemouth University, he met Math Charlton and an on-going friendship ensued, including the writing of some songs and jam sessions. During this period, he penned most of the material for his future Primary Colours album (available on this site since August 2017). Partly due to Math's insistence, he finally arranged and recorded the album in 2004 with the help of John Green (an old school friend) at Hilldrop Studios, Torquay.

He has been know to gig on occasion. His first gigs were at a wine bar in St. Marychurch in the 1980s, where he received the princely sum of a few pints of beer and a basket of chips. This led on to further solo gigs, appearances at open mic nights and a guest spot at a venue where he played in front of more than two hundred people. He stated that his inability to keep in time with the drummer throughout a song led him to be a solo singer/songwriter rather than joining bands. Despite this, he did rehearse with John Green and Matthew Cooke as One Non-John.

Now living in Brazil, his guitar stays mostly in its case but he insists music will always be a part of his character.