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n. a collective of people (including James Newcombe and Math Charlton) who produce slightly unhinged, madcap music in an improvised and, almost certainly, explicitly lyrical style.

The Usfun phenomenon began in earnest in 1997 when the stalwart members began creating improvised and, inevitably, silly music. The first Usfun material was produced in the wacky discordance of Beans and the band was born kicking and screaming into the musical world. The band started slow, releasing nothing further that year until, in 1998, the Mr Huggleberry/Mr Flaps EP was recorded. This kicked off a highly prolific ten year period when the band recorded approximately 350 songs covering over 30 albums

Each album tended to be written and recorded in one evening. Eventually, some of these humourous songs were rewritten and re-recorded over longer sessions into 'serious' songs and some examples can be found on this site (such as Oxygen).

The Usfun collective has taken on a number of guest songwriters/performers/winos from time to time including Rob Charlton, Paul Smith and Andy Turton. Since 2008, their output has drastically reduced but they continue to make irreverent and silly music from time to time and laugh at it afterwards.