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In April 2004, Math Charlton met with Paul Smith (once of Prime) and Andy Turton (from Mareva Injunction) to discuss forming a band; a band that would play live and that would write its own music.

They plumped for three songs of Math's (Force of Habit, Burgundy and Cheers Big Ears) which had all worked live before. They also decided on two Prime songs which were co-written by Math, Paul and Rob Charlton (Awakening and Spiralling Down).

The first rehearsal was on 5 July 2004. It was rough and mistake-ridden but it was also fresh and dynamic. Furthermore, they laid down the foundations to Zeitgeist - their first song.

After fifteen rehearsals, at the end of 2004, they had added four new band numbers (Just a Frightener, You Become What You Hate, Grind and Vicious Circle) and two of Math's (Millennium Folly and The One). They had an hour's worth of material and, furthermore, they had a gig. On Thursday 20 January 2005, they headlined Roger Courtney's Open Mic Night at the Milton Arms in Portsmouth. The gig was a success evoking a warmly received encore and two positive reviews on the web.

The band continued to write further songs throughout 2005 (namely Running Away, The Light, The Arty Joke Song and Think Again) allowing them to play gigs with purely FoBA material - thus achieving the initial objectives of the band.

Throughout 2005 they played a further five gigs (two at The Frog on the Front in Southsea, two at The Railway Club in Milton and one at The Sidewalk in Gosport). The year culminated in a triumphant return to Roger Courtney's Open Mic Night in December.

Due initially to other commitments, FoBA became essentially a studio band in 2006, recording EPonymous. A hiatus ensued from 2009 and has continued since, enforced by Andy's move away from Portsmouth.