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In the 1970s, Andy used to layer his own tracks by the use of multiple tape recorders. With friends at school, he rattled out the vocals to such tracks as Comfortably Numb and gathered to play the Police songbook (or as they used to call it 'Stongs by Sing'). The only surviving testament of these years are twenty four frames on an undeveloped roll of Ilford HP5.

Whilst at Harrow Land Registry, he played bass, sang backing vocals and programmed his old 'Specdrum' for Apocalypse Pavarotti, a one-gig benefit cover band accompanied by Sateesh Khanna and 'Marky' Mark Ford. The latter's dropping of the microphone and walking off stage for the closing bars of The Passenger defined the end of both the gig and the band. An old VHS of the event still exists.

After a move to Portsmouth, he collaborated with Math Charlton and Simon Jones for a couple of gigs as Mareva Injunction, starting at 'The Horseshoe' in Southsea. A few years later, he rejoined Math as bassist and co-writer in FoBA, creating a busy and tight rhythm section with Paul Smith. They played a number of gigs throughout 2005.

Once FoBA became essentially a studio band, he went on to play in Wasting Arrows with Paul Bailey and Stuart Hunt before emigrating somewhere northward and remote...