Loss - Parity - Gain

Artist: Math Charlton

Year: 2006

Running Time: 42.39

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Track Listing

  1. Now It's Over
  2. Millennium Folly
  3. So Be It
  4. Ember
  5. Plexigon
  6. Frame of Mind
  7. Stitch
  8. Force of Habit
  9. The One

Album Description

This album was realised over a period of just over three years as a collection of 3 EPs, the themes of which were loosely based on loss, balance and gain respectively.

Originally, the first three songs included early versions of Now It's Over and So Be It plus Catalogue Man, all recorded in late 2003. The songs were too 'poppy' for my liking and I shelved them as I worked on Parity.

Once a demo for Plexigon had been completed, I decided to record the rest of that EP in the same minimalist way (I called it 'ambient rock'). Ember and Frame of Mind soon followed and the EP was completed in Summer 2004.

With the commitments of Friends of Brutal Architecture, I had little time to continue this album project until 2006. I revisited Loss and remixed Now It's Over and So Be It to retain an element of pop with a slight twist of 'ambience'. I decided to drop Catalogue Man and recorded Millennium Folly instead. This had originally been written as an out-and-out rock song for Friends of Brutal Architecture, but here the version is stripped down and a lid is kept firmly on the original dynamism

Two EPs down and one to go. Autumn of 2006 saw the last three tracks recorded for the album. After the minimalist approaches of the first two EPs, I decided to let off steam with these songs. Distorted guitar takes a front seat for the first time vying with the Hammond organ for dominance.

With a couple of months left before the end of 2006, I revisited all the tracks to make some adjustments and remix them to taste.

The three photos on the cover of the album are the now demolished Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth (loss), a picture of me with the sun at apogee on the top of my head (for some reason I thought this could be parity) and engagement rings on my (now) wife's hand and my hand (gain). I decided to put a filter on each photo to resemble the progression of traffic lights.

The inner booklet (above) contained the lyrics to each song plus the following acknowledgements:

Love and appreciation to: Phil, Keith, James, Ian & Liz, Steve & Sharon, Dave & Sam, Mum & Dad, Paul, John & Jackie, Alex & Claudie, Bill & Kerry, Phil & Tracy, Mark H & Marie, Rob & Suzy, Dave O, Andy & Gail, Chris, Mark T, Si and all those friends that lack of space here precludes me from mentioning.