Artist: Math Charlton

Year: 2001

Running Time: 58.31

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Track Listing

  1. Ockham's Razor
  2. Bubblewrap
  3. Apogee
  4. Sable Windows
  5. Mad March Hare
  6. India
  7. Surrogate Lover
  8. When You Are No Longer Here
  9. All For You
  10. Rage
  11. Enough
  12. From Sunrise to Moonrise

Album Description

The album was performed, recorded and mixed purely through Cubasis on a PC using soundfont software to recreate keyboard and percussion sounds. The project took about eighteen months in total.

Most of 2000 and early 2001 was spent at Rosetta Road, Portsmouth programming the synthesised tracks. However, there was a problem with memory capacity (and all sorts of other computer things) that did not get solved until the summer of 2001 so no audio was completed until then.

The audio was recorded over three months at Florence Road, Portsmouth at the end of 2001 when, finally, the PC had the correct specifications. It was mixed and completed by the end of that year.

The inner booklet contained the lyrics to each song plus the following information and acknowledgements on the back cover:

'All tracks written, arranged and performed by Math Charlton.

Midi programmed between November 2000 and May 2001 in Rosetta Road, Milton. Audio recorded between September and November 2001 in Florence Road, Southsea. Mixed and burned to CD during November and December 2001.

Especial thanks to Rob Charlton (for the loan of various equipment and examples of reckless drinking), Mark Hooper (for technical advice and amusing e-mails), Carl Pagliaro (for putting up with sonic pollution and frequent use of the 'c' word) and Jamez Newcombe (for keeping musical ambitions alive and ambient waffling).

Love and appreciation also to Keith, Steve & Sharon, Ian, Marie, Phil & Tracy, John, Teresa, Bill & Kerry, Pete & Bill (and little Rob), Andy & Gail, Alex & Claudie, Sara and - of course - Mum & Dad.'