Artist: Math Charlton

Year: 1997

Running Time: 43.18

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Track Listing

  1. Fickle
  2. She Knows She Looks Good
  3. Sweet Apathy
  4. Burgundy
  5. Me and My Big Mouth
  6. Sleepy Head
  7. Paramour
  8. Infatuation
  9. Cheers Big Ears

Album Description

The album was performed, recorded and mixed in three weeks in January 1997 at Chetwynd Road, Portsmouth. It was produced on the same mixer as the Fugue album and with the same other accoutrements borrowed from my cousins.

The album was mixed onto a C46 cassette originally. Side A consisted of tracks 1 to 4 and Side B, the remainder.

It was the first album proper to be distributed amongst friends and, as such, I designed a tape insert. The insert included a basic cover, track listing, lyrics and acknowledgements.

The acknowledgements and information read as follows:

'All tracks written, arranged and performed by Math Charlton.

Recorded 4th to 23rd January '97 in Chetwynd Road, Southsea.

Love and appreciation to Keith (me and my big bongos), Loz, Rob (and his equipment - ooer), James, Paul, John, Steve & Sharon, Ian, Rich, Alex & Claudie, Carl & Karen, Steve & Holly, Bill & Emma, Mum & Dad (of course) and Ash (Sleepy Head).

The album is dedicated to blind ambition.'