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14 Dec 2018
Snowbound Dreams?

30 Nov 2018
Back on Track

Date: 22 Mar 2019

Oh dear. I've not been very good with updating this website have I? It's because of this that I'm wishing you a Happy New Year in late March!

However, such a lack of internet fecundity doesn't mean I've done nothing with music over the last three months. On the contrary, We Cirri (Part 1) is taking shape nicely.

At the back end of 2018, I completed recording all the classical guitar. I currently have the electric guitar sections very close to finishing, and should be done so by Easter.

Over the Spring, I need to get hold of an acoustic guitar and a 12-string guitar (the latter, I'm hoping that my cousin Rob can lend me for a few weeks).

Once these parts are recorded, we're into the home straight and looking at just vocals and mixing. As such, We Cirri (Part 1) is definitely on course for a late 2019 release date. Keep an eye on this site for further progress...

So, I repeat myself once again and hope you have a happy, healthy and fruitful 2019. (Well, the remaining nine months of it.)


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