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Date: 28 Sep 2018

Well - it's been a while since I've posted. Such a lack of web activity on this site usually conincides with a lack of musical activity and I can confirm that that's the case here.

The reason for this hiatus? Well, a big house move over the summer along with the concomitant unpacking and chores have taken up most of the time. Add in the kids' holidays, and the time to devote to any musical endeavours greatly decreases.

However, our new house is bigger and affords a dedicated, albeit cosy, space for musical activities. I can now have the recording kit (such as the Lexicon Alpha, microphone stand and assorted wires) permanently available, so I can effortlessly plug-and-play. And, whilst the instruments aren't actually out, they are easily within reach. As such, recording should no longer involve the rigmarole of setting everything up from scratch.

On the downside, however, the time moving, unpacking and fixing has precluded any rehearsal activity towards the next musical project. So, from next month, my plan is to get back to having some exclusive rehearsal time, building up to some recording.

We Cirri (Part One) is still the next projected recording and I plan to have all of the classical guitar recorded by the end of this year. I had hoped to have completed and released the entire We cirri project by the end of next year but, whilst that prospect looks unlikely, I believe I can have the first part finished by then.

Keep an eye on this site for progress over the autumn.

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